Just a quick background:  Nicki O'Connor approached me to be "friends" and offered to "help" evaluate a few of my puppies and give her "professional" opinion.  OK. She scheduled to fly down for a mini vacation, as you will see in some of the text conversations added to this page.  First time out she had the airlines phone me for a  CC number for her "verification" of her ticket that she stated she was using her "miles" to get, you will see what happened there.  She showed up when the puppies were 4 weeks old , gave her opinion, said she would be back in a few weeks to re evaluate them.  She came back and agreed that MY pick puppy was indeed THE pick puppy.  She helped take some photos of the puppies, had a good time. Next she sat here and said "let me take him, I will show him, pay all his expenses and we can co own him.  I haven't told you this but I have a boxer puppy coming that is totally sponsored, we will be going to tons of shows, all his expenses will be paid"  Little did I know that was so far from the truth.  I agreed to let her take Sterling as well as his father Sisko that she had asked to breed her bitch Eve to, in exchange she would show Sisko for his breeding fee.  I didn't expect her to breed Sisko to Eve (boston terrier), Rosie (Brussels Griffon) and attempt to breed him to the other Brussels she had there.  Eve got bred, but didn't hold the pregnancy. Rosie (was not owned by Nicki but a "client") had 5 puppies to which Nicki sold.  
    Nicki had also told me that she had wrecked her Van and was out of transportation, I agreed to loan her the funds for a vehicle to get to the shows.  (again a lie, she later confessed that it was repossessed not wrecked)
    I would like to add that the more I asked for my money, the more defensive and distant she got.  Earlier this year 4/1/19 she and/or her boyfriend filed false allegations on me for animal cruelty/neglect.  I was humiliated.  I was investigated and cleared of all charges.  This is from someone that neglected and refused treatment for her own dog at the nationals to which died.  I was told first hand what she said and how she acted regarding her dog.  There is a whole other story she told me about that.  Who she accused of killing her dog and why,  OMG.  I don't know where or how she obtained that dog or if she paid for it . I can say my dog isn't the first dog she's scammed from someone.
    I could go on and on about the lies she told me, and how she has treated me but I will just show you

Latest news.  She has seen my page and demanded that I quit "defaming" her.  She has ordered me to take down my page within 5 days or she will neuter Sterling MY DOG and place him in a pet home. 

I also added a couple of scrolling text to my youtube channel  Shadowlake Ranch 

Latest news.  Nicki has or is selling Sterling, a dog she never paid for nor repaid any of the money she borrowed from me.  

As far as her paying expenses she didnt pay all his expenses for him, she borrowed money from me for a car, for his ear crop, for her rent, and to go to shows.  She is a total CON ARTIST.  PLEASE BEWARE OF ANY DEALINGS WITH HER.