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West Columbia, Texas
Phone: (979) 345-3412
cell: (713) 882-7459

I knew it would be hard to fill the paw/shoes of our beloved
Border Collie of 15 years, but our new little Boston, RUBEN,
has already found his place in our family.   He is absolutely
wonderful.   Our 2 daughters are just thrilled with having
such a good puppy to play with.  He is very patient, snuggly
and playful at all the right times :-)
He is treasured by all of us.  He is smart, funny, happy and healthy!!
We couldn't have been more pleased with his temperment or
his intelligence.  
I look forward to adding another Boston Terrier to our family!!!
Cindy Alexander
Ukiah, CA
Dear Mrs. Robbins,

I am writing you this email to let you know that we appreciate what a joy it
was to do business with you.  You have given so much of your time to us, and
we appreciate it.  You've answered all of our (my) crazy questions (to
include "Are dogs suppose to have whiskers?", what do I know :O), not much)
you have answered all questions with full knowledge and kindness.

What can I say about Daisy???? She is a wonderful dog, she is the most calm 
puppy I have ever seen.  Her temper and personality fit our family so well,
so much that we now know she was meant for us.  We hope to spend a lot of
years with her, playing and laughing and loving.  We cannot wait for the
Christmas season.  To sum up Daisy, she is just the BEST dog ever and it
shows how much love and attention she got in her days before us and that is

You, Linda, are the greatest too.  What would we have done without you??? 
We are glad to never have to know.  You are terrific and we hope to, in the
future, be matched with another one of your babies.

Thank you for EVERYTHING.  You have made our "first' puppy experience a
great one.

Very truly yours,

JEAN HOCOM (and the whole Hocom gang) 
Dear Linda,
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for the best dog I have ever had!  Obe has filled our house with laughter, love and happiness.  The kids (and you know they are all teenagers) spend hours playing with him and when it's time to get to work he knows just what to do, I have never come across such an intelligent, loving dog!  He, I am sure, can read our minds.  I can not think of enough adjectives to describe how wonderful this little guy is.  He is simply perfect.  Thank you so much for taking the time and effort I know it takes to produce a Boston Terrier so very close to the standard, when I read and study the standard I feel as if I'm reading about Obe.  Bravo, Linda and thank you for permitting my family and I to love one of your exceptional little Boston's!
Terry Jenkins

Dear Linda,

My husband and myself could never thank you enough for bringing a new family member into our lives. We were talking about getting our other baby..Rusty a new brother or sister but couldn't decide on a breed. We saw some Boston's in our neighborhood and thought that is exactly what our family needs. We were a bit weary as we have seen some Boston's that had some undesirable traits to us. So as we researched the breed and looked into many breeders we came across Linda. After we called her and talked to her we knew one of her Boston's was for us! She talked about her dogs as we do... as family. These are not just pets to us these are our kids. Linda sent us photos and we immediately fell in love with an older pup she had still had. So we took Spanky into our home and it is the best thing we have ever done. He is my little love bug, although sometimes he is the devil. He loves life and all the people around him. Thank you Linda for completing our family!!!


Stacey, Alex, Spanky and Rusty Domboski.