GCH Shadowlake's Beauty Within
Bred by and Owned by
Linda Robbins
In August of 2013 I contacted Cindy Jones of Circle J Boston Terriers to inquire about breeding Callie to her dog Circle J's U Bet He's A Hoss, an agreement was made and a contract signed on August 28, 2013 (see below).  I should have known something was not right when she had to be in control of everything, she even changed the paperwork so that she was "owner" and I was "co-owner", she did this by calling akc and having it changed so she would be listed first even though she belonged to me.
actually none of this contract took place, Cindy suggested and I agreed that her handler Barbara Beissel would finish Callies grand championship (Callie came to Cindy with 16 grand champion points already).  Cindy had an agreement with Barbara for so much a month for one dog and so much for two dogs, Callie would be the second dog with Barbara.  Callie finished within the allotted time of one month, I paid Cindy half of the bill for both dogs per agreement.   Callie was now Grand Champion, I couldn't be more proud.

Cindy then contacted me and asked how much to purchase Callie.  I told her that she was NOT for sale.  She asked again.  I told her $10,000.00 (as she was NOT for sale).  She then asked "What would it take to remain co-owner on Callie and that she really needs to be specialed?"  I told her that I would agree to do that for a puppy from another breeding.
It was agreed and another contract was written and signed (email agreement) I don't believe Cindy ever had any intention to "special" Callie as she stated.  Her words were "you've been screwed by these people and I have been screwed by these people, lets take Callie and go kick some ass"  I had every intention to Special Callie.   I had been told by several professional handlers that she was "SPECIALS" material.  Cindy on the other hand NEVER had any intention at all.   All this is proven by the fact that the second contract was written the day after Callie finished her Grand Championship. Within a week she pulled Callie from her handler.  Her Handler, her choice.  I had already been told, don't talk to Barbara because " I had to lie to her, I told her I bought Callie and you are Co-owner in name only".  (little did I know how true that was)  she was in control and I had to bite my tongue.

(see below)
Callie  was never "Specialed" as per the agreement, Cindy stated that she didn't want to spend the money on a dog that she didn't know if she could be bred (I had tried to breed her on her last heat but she didn't take as she was only bred once due to being at showsite in Oklahoma)  Callie also wasn't bred to Circle J's U bet he's a Hoss either. Cindy chose to breed him to Circle J's Majestic Force to which she produced 4 puppies.  I was told that she wasn't a good mother and a puppy had been crushed, so that left 3 puppies.  Of course par to the course one of them is mismarked and sold as a pet, the other two were beautiful males.  Each time I sent someone Cindy's way for a possible show contact, they were ignored or her contract was modified to make it impossible for anyone in their right mind to comply with, much less sign.  Cindy sent me what was supposedly half of the money received for the sale of the 3 puppies sold as pets and I was not allowed to know where they went, nor was the litter registered.   Callie was again bred to Majestic Force (I suggested not doing a repeat litter because of the mismarked puppy)  this time she produced 5 puppies but being the bad mother she is she again killed one of the puppies, leaving 4 puppies.  Again Cindy refused any show prospects I sent her way.  Of the puppies "living" one female stood out as a show potential for "us" as it was put several times throughout the last 2 years of Callies stay with Cindy, it as agreed that we would co own the bitch puppy to become known as "Stella".  The other puppies were sold and again I was sent what was supposedly half of the money and again I was not allowed to know where or to whom they went.  Cindy registered the "litter" of 1 female but never registered with a name or owner.  Again all along she was to be co-owned, until Cindy bred her too.  At that time I was told Cindy would just buy me out of Stella because she didn't want to share her litter of puppies with me.  Stella was pregnant with 8 puppies of which I was told 6 died.  Cindy had had numerous litters from her Circle J dogs of which at only one time was I offered my payment puppy.  I never received  the puppy because of a lawsuit Cindy had with another boston breeder, and she "needed the money" for the lawyer.  Cindy already had a buyer for her before even discussing the matter with me.  

September of 2016 Cindy told me that Callie was coming into heat again and she had put her with another dog this time "Paddy" .  It was at this time that Cindy informed me that she was taking Stella as her dog and she would not be co-owned.  I told Cindy that I wanted my payment puppy for her co-owning Callie and getting half of her puppies.  I also told her that I wanted Callie returned to me immediately.  Cindy threatened to abort Callie's litter (if she is pregnant) because she wasn't letting "her bloodline"  go to just anyone or leave her property.
At this point, I fear for Callies safety,  and for her babies if she is pregnant.  I demanded her immediate return and demanded to have Jami Mangum transport her from Cindy's house to me, Cindy agreed, then disagreed, then demanded more demands, one of which was to register Callie's litter that included Stella.  (she had already done that almost 2 years prior)  I refused as it would have been me in trouble for double registering the litter.  Then it was demanding that I sign off on co ownership of Stella (without being "bought out" as agreed)  She made Jami do reservations on hotel 3 separate times because she kept on demanding more and more things.  I ended up making a phone call to the Sheriffs department asking for help.  They informed me that because she had agreed to the transportation and I had hired a transport per arrangements that if the transporter showed up and she didn't , they would be there to help in any way possible including going to her house to get my dogs.  Jami was called while she was in transit and told that the sheriffs department would be on stand by if there were any problems.  Cindy did meet Jami at a pre determined place , and did turn over my dogs but blackmailed me into giving her permission to sign Stella over to herself .  She had already registered her to herself as sole owner three days prior and knew she was in trouble with AKC for not having my permission to do so.

I say dogs above because she had two, she not only had Callie but she had my AKC/CKC male that was being transported from NH to Texas and when Cindy was told he was in transport she said have him dropped off here, she had a couple of bitches that he would tie into well. (I have since been told that she had told another breeder that she would not be returning my male that she was going to keep him because he "deserved a better home")  At that point all was still good it was before Callies first litter nothing yet had happened with Cindy's demeanor.  Cindy had bred my stud, I knew it, she informed me that she had bred him and "brought the bitch in the house" 2 weeks before her supposed due date, she was big, then nothing happened, she assumed she had "lost the litter" and put her back in the kennel.  "The next morning Robert went to the kennel and there were 3 puppies laying on the concrete cold"  He brought them to her, she put them in baggies and put them in warm water, "put them in her bra" but "they all died" (again with dead puppies) ( this was the story she told me, she told others of the C-section and dead puppies) 
6 or 9 months later Cindy asked me what my stud fee for him would be?  I said co own the bitch and half the litter.  She said I was Crazy.  I thought "yeah, I am".  She said that was insane, how could anyone expect that.  I told her then ok a pick puppy, she again said NO WAY, Hoss only gets  whatever, and Cosmo only got $800.  I then questioned her as to why is she getting HALF my litter?   She stated she co owns the bitch.  I said but you haven't paid for her half yet?  "It doesn't matter as far as AKC is concerned, I co own her and she is here which means she is mine and YOU co own her" This is the manipulative person she is.  I don't believe she ever had any intention of giving me my puppy as payment for co ownership.  

Cindy contacted me January 28, 2017 and asked what could we do to get this settled, at that point an agreement was made that she repaid me $2000.00 on another deal that didn't happen on a puppy from Poland that I never received.  She had contacted me and said that a dog she had sold to a breeder in Poland had a litter of nice pups that she could get for $2000.00 did I want one, I said yes and sent her $2000.00, little did I know that she had owed him two puppies prior and had only sent one, so he also is one that she was screwing over, she sent him $4000.00 (her 2k and my 2k)  since she still owed him a puppy and refused to send him what he was owed, he kept 3500.00 and sent her (according to his messages to her) 500.00 back.  I never got my puppy and Cindy told me that it was a "business deal gone bad" and she didn't owe me 2000.00 back.  This was another of Cindy's tactics.  She owed the guy, I didn't know, but its her debt not mine.

She also agreed that she would pay me $3000.00 for the payment puppy that I never received, and $1500.00 for buying me out of Stella.

She stated that I would be receiving a check going out "Monday" and it would be 90 days before she could send me the rest as she had puppies she had to sell first.  After she made this phone call to me she immediately blocked my numbers so that I have no way to contact her except through snail mail, I sent her a demand letter certified, as well as regular mail, so I know she has received notification. Well her 90 days has come and gone and she hasn't sent me anything or tried to contact me in any way. The certified and regular letter was giving her to May 30, 2017 to finalize her 90 days but she refuses to pay me or contact me. The check that I received was the 2000.00, not any of the other funds she agreed to pay me.

I spent 3 long years tip toeing  around this lady, having her accuse me of being the cause of her problems with other people she had problems with, even having her blame me when she knew full well other people were the cause.  She accused me of manipulating the disappearance  of her dog Sniper to the point she actually told Jackie Martin that I was the one calling people and saying things when she had done it herself, trying to manipulate Jackie.  Any time she had a problem with someone, I was at fault, she accused me of "talking about her".  She had my pride and joy, I was scared for her.  She would call me or message me and threaten to kill herself because I was against her, so many times that I finally said what can I do to prove that I am not doing it?  She had to have my FB password so she could see my messages to other people.  There were none that spoke of her. So her solution, go on MY FB account and message people on her behalf to see if they would talk bad about her.  Then she would message me and tell me that she had done that.  She knew who and why they were doing what was being done,  THEY had told her ultimately that it was them, still she accused me of being her cause of problems.  She lied to me and about me, all pretending to be a friend.  I cant tell you how many times she threatened to kill herself all for sympathy.  Even once she called me at 5:30 in the morning "with her pistol right there", I was done crying with her and for her, this "upset" her more, so instead of "her pistol" she's "having a heart attack but wait is it your right side or left side"  well it was the other side, so no heart attack.  Can I call her husband for her  (she had already picked a fight with him so he would go to work and leave her alone)  No I don't have his number.  so she called the neighbor  (why not call 911)  All on her FB and if anyone asked her diagnosis it was deleted, she wanted sympathy.  She wouldn't tell anyone it was a panic attack, or nothing was really wrong, she got what she wanted sympathy.  I am not picking on her or bashing her, I just want everyone to know what I went through.  I have screen shots of conversations with her and other problems she has had with other people.  She's not innocent ,  she's not on her death bed.  She uses other people to get what she wants.  She still has Callie on her website as HER dog, she didn't pay for that privilege, she still has NO right to anything related to Callie, she didn't "PAY FOR HER GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP" as she likes to tell people,  truth be told the bill was 800.00 for the month for 2 dogs, I paid her 400.00, she paid Barbara.  Even Barbara believes Cindy paid her because she (remember she lied to her and told her she bought her) did pay her but didn't say that I had paid half. Barbara also believes that Cindy "has never lied to her"  

The last straw for me was threatening my dogs.  You don't do that period.  

She is either "on her death bed", in her pool, or riding her motorcycle.

I am not the first person she has screwed over and I sure won't be the last.   If you have any questions or need any information please feel free to contact me

I am filing a lawsuit, I do have recorded conversation as to what she owes me and her agreeing to pay me as well as written conformation.  I really feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with this person.
Homestead got a letter from her "lawyer"  their lawyers reviewed the context and said I had to remove the "screenshots" and I did  but if you would like to see them, feel free to contact me and I will forward them.
contact me for a copy of the contract
contact me for a copy of the contract, Homestead asked me to remove images that could identify Cindy Jones